White Weeding Dress: Why So Many Bride Wear White Bridal Dress?


White Bridal Dress: The Most Popular Choice

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Usually, most of the brides wear white dresses at their wedding ceremonies. There is some historical importance behind that. In this post, you will get all the information behind the reason for wearing white bridal dresses.

A wedding dress or bridal gown is the outfit that is worn by the bride during a wedding ceremony. The style, color, importance of ceremony of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. The wedding dress is most commonly white in western culture. The white color has long been associated with purity and virtue, and that is the main reason why some brides choose to wear a white dress at their wedding. Secondly white is a sophisticated color that can bring a classy look for the perfect appearance of the brides. As per the opinions from most of the brides about the white dress or gown majority of them claimed that they want to start their big day by wearing a white dress as it is a symbol of purity and virtue. The white bridal dress has a wonderful history. We should try to stick with the old traditions because we know that old is gold.

History of White Bridal Dress

The wedding dress is one of the most important stuff for many women and the bride to be. When we imagine a marriage it’s the bridal dress that often stands out and easily takes attention from people. Traditions usually vary between religions, cultures, and societies. It has been a matter of politics, part of a business deal and unity between two families. The introduction of the traditional white bridal gown brought deep importance in the marriage ceremony as white symbolizes purity and the virginity of the bride. A wedding dress is an important part of the wedding ceremony. A wedding dress basically signifies the end of singlehood to a new commitment and partnership.

In western cultures, the wedding dress is mostly white that was made famous by Queen Victoria when she got married in 1840. The styles of wedding dress trends change from season to season. Like sleeves, fairytale vibes, wildflowers, etc. White wedding dress became the fashion in the mid-19th century and became customary in the mid-20th century. According to the Wedding wire newlywed report around 82 percent, US brides wear white. Wearing is a part of prestige and posh during that time. Victoria accessorized her white gown with a flower crown. After that, a white wedding dress became a status symbol.Some books noted that white wedding dresses were ideal because they represented innocence and purity. But this wasn’t the actual case cause white seen as the color of the rich. It’s more about flexing one’s wealth than one’s virginity. White wedding dress didn’t hit huge popularity until after worldwar2. White wedding bridal dress has the beautiful significance of a bride’s life as this day is a precious day for her.

Importance of White Bridal Dress

The bridal dress is the most precious outfit of a girl’s life. It’s girls who wish to wear a gorgeous bridal outfit at her wedding and she also wants to look beautiful and gorgeous on that day. A girl started taking preparation for her wedding when her wedding proposal got fixed. But nowadays in different countries people girls are preferring dark bright colors. In Asian countries different bright vibrant colors got priorities but in European countries, girls prefer white and nude colors for her wedding dress.

Importance of white bridal dress

Designers brought different designs and patterns of wedding outfits for the brides. All the dresses are highly expensive as they use different materials to make that outfit beautiful. It’s not easy for designers to create something unique on that dress because white is a simple color that needs a lot of variation in terms of designing in order to make that dress perfect for the wedding. Different artificial laces and zipper backs are common things in a white bridal dress. Bridal designers spend a lot of time to make a single dress so uniquely that’s why they charge a high amount for each dress.

Today, around 75% of wedding outfits on the market are sleeveless and strapless, but some brides actually prefer more modest styles with sleeves, higher necklines, and covered backs. Wedding dresses can also be short or long, depending on the type of wedding. These kinds of bridal dresses are available online too just for accessibility to people. Everyone can’t purchase a bridal outfit or gown from a store because people from different countries don’t have many resources of getting high-quality dresses. For that reason online is one of the best platforms to purchase outfits from there.

Different fashion brands nowadays launched online shopping for both brides and bridegrooms and they can give their measurements according to their choice. From online people can not only buy bridal dresses but also can purchase bridesmaids outfits. And also they have outfits for plus size women too. Plus size women are very negligible in our country because they are oversized that’s what they don’t feel confident in terms of their appearance. But it’s important to understand for everyone that every woman is beautiful in their own way. We need to appreciate their beauty and give compliments to them. 

Designers should make more beautiful pretty outfits for the oversized women as they also deserve to look beautiful in their very own special day.Thinking about women with dark skin designers should make more white bridal outfits for them too. White will suit perfectly for dark skin tone brides. In this generation bridesmaids also want to look unique with the bride and overall it looks amazing too because it can attract people easily. The main thing about brides dresses is heavy work with different kinds of traditional materials. Lacework in the bridal dresses are very common nowadays and it’s quite popular and demanding too. People prefer this kind of dresses nowadays as they are very trendy. All these reasons can tell us how important it is for a bride to wear a white bridal dress on her wedding day. There is numerous importance of white bridal dress and the significance of the white bridal dress is very important too equally.

Trends of White Bridal Dress

There were different variations of bridal dresses starting from the beginning of weddings. Trends keep changing from time to time. Every year designers are bringing different kinds of bridal dresses according to their choice. White color is the first choice of people as it’s a symbol of purity and virtue. Technological advancement brought changes in the fashion industry. Because of technological advancement designers are bringing new designs at high prices. The dresses are different from each other.

They have different varieties of shades and color and the patterns are also unique from each other. Some of them are very sophisticated and others are bold and stylish. Floral prints bridal dresses, ball gowns, ruffles, airy dresses, puffy sleeves, one-shoulder necklines, sparkle, tiered skirts are the variation of design for bridal outfits. Floral bridal dresses are famous for the spring season. The designs are specially made from 3-D designs, embroideries and also with other machinery works. 

Trends of White wedding Dress

Classical ball gowns are the fancy bridal outfit that can add extra glamour for the appearance of a bride. Because of its shimmery texture, it looks extraordinary and brides are preferring this kind of gown for nightwear during their wedding.Ruffles are also one of the top priorities for a bride because of its unique mermaid pattern. Airy dresses are famous for over skinny girls because they can give additional weight to make someone look perfect for the shape of a body.

Puffy sleeves bridal dresses are very popular among brides nowadays because it’s in trend now. And it will give a posh appearance and will look attractive at the same time. From different fashion runways, we saw in the previous year that puffy sleeves are extremely famous and the demand for this kind of bridal dress is pretty high. In one-shoulder necklines, the unique silhouette flatters the upper body and gives off serious goddess vibes. And this trend will be very famous in the entire year of 2020. Glitters and sparkles are obvious for a bride to add on her very big day. A dress with glitters will look very trendy for night weddings. And it’s very expensive at the same time to make a bridal outfit full of sparkle. Only rich people can afford this kind of posh bridal dresses.

If you want to add extra texture in your wedding outfit then tiered skirts are the best choice to take because of its flair in the outfit will give beautiful movement. Super high slits, naked back, zipper back, pockets, off the puffy sleeves are some unique patterns for bridal dresses. This kind of pattern and outlook will change the appearance of a bride. A soft glam makeup with white bridal dresses is the perfect combination for brides. For the morning wedding, it’s better to use minimal makeup and for the night occasion, it’s important to add some additional glow in makeup to look more glamorous. Blush wedding dresses are amazing because they were in trend from the very beginning of the fashion revolution. 

Another famous bridal dress is bridal dresses with feathers. They are amazing because the feather is so posh and trendy and brides are adding different other materials in their wedding outfit by taking the help of famous designers. There are different ranges for bridal outfits so that anyone can afford these dresses. It important for all keep in mind that, simplicity is the best thing always, It’s important to know for the brides how to balance the overall look for her own big day by taking help from experts and designers.


A wedding is a very important part of a person’s life. On this very special day, everyone wants to look beautiful and gorgeous so that she can represent herself in front of her husband confidently. For that, a bride must have a gorgeous wedding gown or dress with some accessories and makeup. I personally prefer the bride should take help from an expert about her wedding outfit. They will recommend which kind of outfit they should buy for their wedding. The white bridal dress is a specific color for a wedding outfit. There are also other vibrant colors for wedding outfits. White is a color of simplicity and purity but apart from that, it’s a symbol of peace and politeness. It gives a vibe of a fresh start of the new journey. 

Some white flowers will add some extra beauty with that white dress. Different trends change from time to time. But before choosing any outfit for her wedding one should keep in mind that match perfectly with the outfit. For Asian countries, designers should bring more white bridal dresses as this trend is not very famous in Asian countries. We shouldn’t let this trend fade out as it’s an old trend. It’s our responsibility for the new generation to stick with the old trends so that we can make more variation in white bridal dress.

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