Trends of Bodycon Dress: Why Should Wear Bodycon Dress? (Great Tips 2020)


Bodycon dress: Make your look Fabulous

Trends of Bodycon Dress-Featured
In this fashion decade, the trends of the bodycon dress is changing frequently and, now, bodycon dress has become a very popular day by day. In this post, you will get all about the bodycon dress. So, keep visiting...

If you’ve swiped left on bodycon in the past, it’s time to start up that relationship again. The bodycon dresses are the best outfit to grab attention from people and look stylish and classy at the same time. We’ve moved on from the bandage looks of the 00s to lounge-worthy styles with glam Bardot necklines that can be worn whether you’re on that plane to somewhere sunny or partying in the club you’re your friends. That’s the number one choice for women to wear this bodycon dress in any parties. It’s very demanding and its easily available in online.

bodycon dress is a body fitting clothing that does not shape your body structures. These dresses are normally worn in hot weather because of their relaxed fit and lighter fabrics bodycon dresses provide no support for the shape. These dresses are for strong confident women because of can trace the shape of your body. If someone is not so confident about her body structure then this outfit is not the right choice for that person. If you have jiggles, bulges, or other imperfection areas then a bodycon dress is not going to fulfill your expectations and will likely fail to meet your fashion expectations. Bodycon dresses do not have fabric strength as these dresses are not stretchable and so do not work like shapewear like a bandage dress does.

Types of Bodycon Dresses

There are so maney types of bodycon dress accessiable in market as it’s been very popular among the all ages of ladies. I have always loved bodycon dresses. It make you feel confident. This one-piece wonder showcases all of your features of your body without exposing too much skin.I personally believe that the less skin you reveal the more attractive you look. Bodycon is a word combination of two words they are body and confidence.  Feeling confident in your body means you love your body unconditionally and appreciate your beauty.  You should embrace your body for all of the good and the bad.  You also should treat your body with respect and nurture it with things that make it feel alive. 

Types of Body con dress
Image: Long Sleeve Midi Bodycon Dress

I want to empower women by saying that be comfortable in your own skin tone and body shape.  And perhaps, if you have never worn a bodycon dress then give a trial and try one on! Regardless of your body shape every woman can look amazing in a bodycon dress.  Choosing the perfect bodycon style will be easier when you know your body shape well. Now let’s talk about the some common body shapes like banana, apple, pear, and hourglass. There are different varieties of bodycon dresses that have varieties of colors and patterns. The description of different types of bodycon dresses are given below:

Bodycon Dresses for Work

Bodycon dresses can be used as formal attires like for regular use at work. These sort of dresses are the perfect fit to look stylish and elegant. Ladies those who are confident they usually wear bodycon dresses. In market nowadays there are different types of bodycon dresses. They look amazing as a formal attire.

Bodycon Dresses For Wedding

In wedding guests usually wear bodycon dresses especially the bridesmaids. There are many types of bodycon dresses as wedding attire. They are expensive because designers use different materials and fancy stuff to look beautiful. These dresses have many patterns and colors. Floral prints are mainly popular for wedding guest attire. They are also available in online. Guests prefer to wear bodycon dresses to look unique and stylish.

Bodycon Gym Wear

Different renowned sports brands are bringing fashionable gym wear nowadays. For doing everyday workout bodycon dresses are the perfect choice for women as they are comfortable and can easily manage while doing exercises. You can find these sort of gym wear in any sport shops or in online

Bodycon Dresses Formal

Light color bodycon dresses can be worn in any formal occasion. This will bring boldness in your personality and you will look amazing. For formal events I prefer light or nude colors the most. Like olive, sky blue, peach, grey, beige etc. This fashion trend will never fade away because we saw earlier that these bodycon dresses were the most popular and still now we can see how demanding these dresses are according to customer’s choice.

Two Piece Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon two pieces are very famous during summer days. There are one top and one bottom set that completes this bodycon dress. This two piece dress can also be used for gym purpose.

jessicabroyles formal wear bodycon dress
Image Source:

Short Sleeve Bodycon Dresses

Short sleeve bodycon dresses are stylish and classy. Anyone can look good by wearing these short sleeve dresses. Women those who are super confident about their skin and body structure are usually wear short sleeve bodycon dresses. In summer day its weather friendly and will look amazing at the same time.

Long Sleeve Bodycon Dresses

Long sleeve bodycon dresses are very popular in cold temperature countries because of the full cover sleeve. Women usually wear long sleeve bodycon dresses in formal occasions, in wedding and also in different events.

V-neck Bodycon Dresses

V neck is a fancy neck style those who love to keep their neckline long. Its common in nowadays that this V neck pattern is becoming famous.

Bodycon Dresses Neckline

Bodycon dresses are the outfit which is available in the single piece and two piece which perfectly fits perfectly for any shape. This is been the trendy dress style which perfectly suits the modern trend in any countries. The Hollywood red-carpet is the evident for this trendy collection. The bodycon dresses has been evolved with many modernized necklines. There are different patterns of bodycon dresses and they are very demanding too.

Bodycon Dresses For Winter

Bodycon dresses are available for different seasons. Long sleeve bodycon dresses are famous in the countries where most of the time weather remain cold. The material for making these warm bodycon dresses are thick that’s why it can protect women from cold. There are varieties of designs and patterns and because of the thick material bodycon dresses are also very demanding during winter season.

Bodycon Dresses for Juniors

Juniors sequins bodycon dresses are very popular among teens because this kind of dresses can wear in any party occasions. And because bodycon dresses are available in vibrant colors that’s why teens prefer this kind of dress for parties, events or any kind of get together. For their prom night teens mostly choose these bodycon dresses so that they can attract their dates by showing the best features of their boy

Who Can wear Bodycon Dresses?

Bodycon does not stand for body consciousness, it stands for body confidence, and you should wear that beautiful bodycon dress with full of confidence and embrace your beauty proudly. There is a wrong conception of people that you shouldn’t wear bodycon unless you’re skinny. That is a myth. Bodycon dresses look fantastic on everyone, it’s actually about the way you carry it, and how much confidence you can boost up at the same time

It’s completely understandable that if you’re not that confident in your body structure, you might want to avoid wearing anything too skinny or tight, but the gamechanging thing is that by mix and match your bodycon dress with the right underwear, as well as the right accessories, you are making the most beautiful silhouette of them all as the true female silhouette. There is nothing sexier than appreciating your own body structure and shape. So basically we can say that anyone can wear these fantastic bodycon dresses to look attractive. They just need to be confident to carry that outfit confidently. Staring from teens to old women anyone can wear this outfit without any kind of hesitation because it’s the way to appreciate how beautiful you are and how confident you are about your body shape.

How to Style Bodycon Dresses?

1. This combination of a black bodycon dress and a camel coat or any printed blazer or blazer is perfect when you need to go about your day with confidence in your outfit. When it comes to the footwear, add a pair of black elastic over the knee boots to get the proper look.

2. Contrasting a black bodycon dress with a tan open cardigan is an amazing pick for a casual outfit. To give this outfit a more polished aesthetic, introduce a pair of brown leather pumps to the mix and get a unique look

3. A black bodycon dress and a black leather jacket are wonderful combo that will integrate wonderfully within your current styling rotation. Let your fashion expertise really spark by complementing your outlook with black leather boots.

4. When the setting permits a relaxed casual outfit, wear a black bodycon dress with a white coat. A pair of black leather pumps finishes this assamble pretty nicely.

5. A black bodycon dress looks especially amazing when you wear with a blue denim jacket in a casual outfit. As for footwear, complete this look with a pair of black and white canvas, sneakers or low top sneakers.

6. This casual combination of a black bodycon dress and a black print denim jacket is absolutely easy to put together in any time that help you to look stylish and prepared for anything without spending much money.

7. With bodycon dresses you can wear any shimmery bomber jacket as a top and high heels and carry a simple clutch to get that party look

8. There are other ways to style with your bodycon dress. You just need to have good sense of fashion to look amazing and utilize them well.

What Shoes Go With The Bodycon Dresses?

what shoes go with bodycon dress
  1. Bodycon dresses with high heels pump shoes will add extra height which really elongates the legs and makes this outfit a jaw dropper
  2. Peep toe pumps are the another footwear that will brings excellent look with your bodycon dress
  3. For a casual everyday look sneakers are the best footwear to contrast it with your bodycon dresses
  4. Over the knee boots are the finest match with your short bodycon dress as this look will create stunning outlook overall
  5. Sandals can also wear with bodycon dresses because it will be comfortable for daily use.

Trends of Bodycon Dresses

In this decade, the trends of bodycon dress has upgrated a large number. It’s bcome popular day by day. We saw different trends previously too and more trends are coming in future. 

Off Shoulder Bodycon Dresses
Image: Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress

The bodycon dress trend has been liked by the fashion forward for a period of time. Of course we’ve all seen the look gracing by some famous celebs such as the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, but the form-fitting dress has also been spotted on the fashion runways or in catwalks of different models which are designed by the renowned fashion designers.We can say that those who love and like to wear the bodycon dress are those girls who aren’t afraid to shout from the rooftops and scream “Look how sexy I am!” They don’t give a damn what other people are thinking about them. 

The curve hugging cut and the way bodycon boosts your assets isn’t for everyone, but we can confidently say that anyone killing the look has enough confidence to carry it off! These bodycon dresses have varieties based of different body shape and that’s the main advantage of this outfit. 

Why Should You Wear Bodycon Dresses?

Bodycon dress is the tight fitting garment that actually enhance the beauty of your body features. Women those who are confident about their body size and their skin usually prefer to wear bodycon dresses. This dress should be in wardrobe for every women because women should be happy and proud of their body structure and in this era it’s important to feel confident and work equally like men in every sectors. They shouldn’t feel shy to wear that because skin skin tone and body sizes are beautiful. You have to know how to embrace your body structure and walk boldly in the middle of the street. They should not feel shy for wearing this dress. 


Bodycon dresses will never fade away in fashion industry. The trend of bodycon dresses will change at time but the concept of this outfit will remain same. Women should wear these dress more and feel confident about their body shape and skin. Always be strong and confident. No matter what people say about your body or skin tone don’t give a damn about it. After all it’s your life to lead it in your own way.

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