Trends of Bandage Dress: How to Style Bandage Dress? (New Tips 2020)


Bandage Dress: An Elegant Choice

Trends of Bandage Dress 2020 - Prom Dress Hut
A bandage dress is a form-fitting dress that usually makes from a blend of nylon, rayon, and spandex, a composite substance similar to that used in base garments or shapewear. Let's see the trends of bandage dress...

A bandage dress is considered as a tight-fitting “bodycon” dress that’s made up of multiple thin strips of fabric sewn together, with the individual strips shaped like bandages. The bandage dress was made popular by the designer Herve Leger. The fabric during a bandage dress is heavier and provides some contouring, a bodycon dress doesn’t provide this shaping element. The fabric supports your curves and controls bulges. a top-quality bandage dress should tuck you in and double as shapewear. Bandage dresses are tight, sturdy, and sturdy.

They’re designed to suit sort of a glove or second skin and hug your curves to smooth and comely perfection. As long as you’re not wearing a bandage dress that’s a few sizes too big, you’re unlikely to experience any slack in the least – these dresses shape and protect your feminine profile well. 

The bandage dress fabric maybe a stretchy material that resists snagging or tears. It’s soft to the touch and breathable so that you’ll wear it for extended periods. Good quality bandage dresses use a mix of rayon, spandex, and nylon in their construction. Rayon offers silk-like qualities and a trademark luster that gives shine to the dress. Real bandage dresses will always have a clear silk-like sheen or shimmer to them. Nylon offers exceptional durability and strength and spandex flexibility, stretch, and figure-hugging characteristics. This mix leads to a blended fabric that’s durable, strong, and sexy. A correct bandage dress will smooth, shape, and define your curves and can also last an extended time.

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Types of Bandage Dresses

 Bandage dresses are recently in fashion and ladies cannot stop talking about it. But many folks aren’t conscious of what they’re. So allow us to discuss today what a Bandage dress is and therefore the points to think about while buying one. A Bandage Dress may be a fitted dress that is formed of a material consisting of rayon, Nylon, and spandex. The resulting weaves from this material provide a bandage look and thus the name “Bandage dress”. These dresses are super stretchy and work as a second skin on your body. Since it gets fitted on your body a bit like a second skin, it enhances your curves and causes you to look super sexy.

If you’re thinking that a bandage dress is simply an excellent stretchable cloth fabric that covers the body, think again! Well, there are tons of designs of Bandage dresses to settle on from-

1. Front Bandage Dress

In this style, the bandaged dress has a lacy design within the front or having a crossed or multi bandaged look.

2. Back Bandage Dress

Back Bandage Dresses are designed specifically to flaunt the rear and therefore the hip region. Many Bandages woven during a criss-cross manner provide a super stylish look and also show your sexy back partially.

3. Ruffle Bandage Dress

The ruffle Bandage dress is one among the variations within the Bandage dresses category. In this, we’ve some parts of dress which are super stretched and Bandage type whereas some parts are frilled or ruffled, thus giving a partial Bandage and partial Ruffled look. If you’re unsure about how a Bandaged dress would look on you, you’ll choose this sort of dress.

4. Criss Cross Bandage Dress

Another variation within the Bandage dress is that the appearance of a “cross” ahead of the dress, popularly referred to as the “criss-cross” design. This design is more famous amongst the celebrities, but also can be worn by commoners. This style flaunts your breast and neck region. Thus if you’ve got an outlined breast and shoulders you’ll carry this sort to seem sexy and stylish.

5. Backless Bandage dress

One of the trends amongst the bandage dress designers is that the Backless style. Unlike the rear bandages dress, this sort reveals the entire back and is right for those with a toned and glossy back. Not only the rear, but this dress would also highlight your hip region.

6. Jacquard Bandage Dress

Bandage dresses are becoming so popular among the celebrities that they need to be been seen wearing bandage dresses with Jacquard style lace. This sort combines both the Jacquard and Bandage styles and thus provides a singular look.

Are Bandage Dresses Still A Fashion In the Year 2020?

The short answer is yes! Bandage Dresses are in fashion ever since Herve Leger introduced them a few years ago. Kim Kardashian was a huge fan for years and boosted their popularity. Since then Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Victoria Beckham, and Miranda Kerr have all been spotted in them. Bandage dresses are super versatile and ultra-flattering. They’re made up of a spandex-like fabric that holds you in and smooths you out. Fashion is challenging. One year short bandage dresses are “in”, the subsequent year most folks are wearing loose, floor-length dresses. We refill on pastels and neutrals and therefore the year after got to change our entire wardrobe because now it’s all about neons and jewel tones.

The great thing about trends is that they’re very likely to return in fashion before you’d expect. Once you’ve got a solid foundation of evergreen classics and classy neutrals for your wardrobe, you’ll mix and match trends from past years, updating your collection with just a couple of fashionable pieces each season. So yes these bandage dresses are still in fashion and you’ll wear them and include some fashionable bandage dresses in your wardrobe.

How to Style Bandage Dresses?

Chances are you own one among these stunning dresses, and you’re keen on wearing it, but also got to provides it a fresh search for different occasions. Try these solutions to create new ways to wear your dress.

Use Shoes to Change Your Look

A fitted bandage or bodycon dress is that the ultimate totem of complete body confidence but does require footwear that compliments either in form or color. Usually, these will be heels or full-blown stilettos but don’t have to be. Matching the color of your dress together with your heels or choosing a closet staple pair of black or nude pumps is a clear choice. However, try giving your dress a special look by adding contrasting shoes for effect. For example, pair your black dress with a pair of vibrant heels that sparkle and glitter or with a bold red or whimsical blue for a pop. Patterns and different shoe styles are also acceptable. 

Shoes of Bandage Dress

A pair of floral or animal print heels with the proper color dress can make a powerful ensemble.For shorter dresses try heeled booties or ankle boots, and in colder weather full-length boots. If you prefer to wear something more relaxed like kitten heels or flats, then make sure their color compliments your dress and other accessories. From stilettos to flats to heeled booties, wearing various styled shoes together with your dress is straightforward and simply achieved with a fast survey of your closet. Chances are the heels that don’t match a thing in your wardrobe are the right heels for your dress.

Add Texture to Your Dress with Layers

 One of the simplest ways to up-style your dress is to pair it with a coat (see below), oversized vest, shrug, or blazer. Choose one that is both complementary and useful. Adding these things will give your dress texture and a refined look. For casual events, try a denim jacket or shrug for a relaxed, edgy appeal. For more formal occasions or within the office a fitted blazer may be a reliable option. If your dress may be a solid color, pair it with an oversized patterned cardigan or raincoat. When it comes to outerwear, there is no limit to your options. However, remember that the outerwear you select must add style and finesse to your dress. Puffy coats or bomber jackets might not be the simplest idea because they hide your dress and figure – which defeats the aim of a bandage dress.

Belt Up For Gracious Style

Pair your dress with a narrow or wide belt that accentuates your waist. Make sure that you simply don’t overdo this styling accessory but do entertain a couple of edgy style ideas. For example, try a full leopard print belt with a black dress or a solid-colored belt with a printed or jacquard bandage dress. The width of the belt matters and is easily varied depending on the overall look you want to achieve. Choose a thin belt if you’re a lady with a straight waist or shorter torso. Go for a full belt if you’ve got an extended body or bumps and bulges you would like to cover.

Use Belt with bandage dress is a great style
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Bags and Clutches Are Friends!

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Knowing what proportion or how little to decorate your dress is half the battle won. When it involves bodycon and bandage dresses, less is usually more. Carrying the proper bag serves to decorate up or dress down your outfit with ease and tiny effort. One rule of thumb to remember is that the size of your handbag should be inversely proportional to how formal the event is. An official evening party requires a clutch purse that’s only enough to hold your bare essentials (lipstick, foundation, cellphone, etc.).

Hair Styles Impact Overall Looks

Varying your hairstyle is one of the foremost affordable and straightforward ways to vary the design of your dress. 

If you regularly wear your hair down consider pulling it up. Or try half-up, half-down styles or relaxed ponytails instead.If you find that you usually wear your hair up, consider letting it flow freely and adding voluminous curls to the ends.

Dress your favorite bandage dress down by adding layers. If you pull a cropped tank over it or sling on a blazer or denim jacket, it’ll feel more daytime. Wearing your dress over a pair of tights may be a great option. Try a mixture of tights and jacket for an edgy but relaxed daytime look.


Hairstyle with dress of bandage

How to Wear Accessories with Bandage Dresses?

Accessories are essential when creating a daytime look. Scarves or wraps are fantastic to interrupt necklines and canopy up curves for a modest daytime look. Chunky jewelry and earrings are great for creating a playful or funky feel. Don’t forget about the oversized, slouchy daytime handbag, shoulder bag or tote. These are super casual and relaxed, allowing you to rock your style without looking like you are trying too hard. Try out these fantastic ideas and start wearing your bandage dresses during the day. You’ll have a whole new expanse to your daytime wardrobe by following these tips. Always try to mix and match accessories with your bandage dress in terms of color contrast and patterns. It’s essential to know what color goes with what and for that, you can do your research to get that perfect look.

Which Shows Go With Bandage Dresses?

The shoes you wear can make or break your daytime look. If you have a shorter skirt, go for flatter shoes. Think ballet pumps or flat-heeled knee-length boots. If you’ve got an extended length dress, wear a fun, flirty daytime wedge for a more vintage or rockabilly look. 

When you’re looking for a dress that’s ultra-feminine and decidedly slinky, bandage dresses, which have been in demand for quite some time, are a great option. Figure-flattering with a tight bodice, bandage dresses are a wardrobe must-have. You can choose a white low-cut bandage midi dress and pair it with a pair of white ankle strap open toe heels. This all-white outfit can make you look refreshing and minimal especially among all the fancy dresses you will see in a cocktail party.

You can wear dark color bandage dresses in parties, wedding or any night cocktail parties and also in concerts. For daytime weddings or events, light colors are preferable to choose as it will give an elegant and classy look overall. All you need to know is how to wear shoes and how to accessorize with the bandage dress.

Trends of Bandage Dresses

The history of bandage dresses follows the evolution of girls and their roles within society. Form-fitting dresses made their introduction in 1986 during a collection released by renowned dressmaker Azzedine Alaia, the “King of Cling.” During the 1990s, designer Herve Leger introduced the bandage dresses we all know today to the mainstream. Silhouette styles initially emerged within the 1960s and continued to crop up on runways throughout the 1970s. They traced the curves of a woman and removed the need for petticoats and other cumbersome undergarments. These styles proved to be sensible, visually stimulating, and more comfortable to wear. By the time Alaia released his “Cling Collection,” the fashion world was ready and eager to embrace it. We still witness the evolution of bandage dresses. For many, they’re closet staples, are worn to a spread of events, and still provide confidence to their wearer, including several celebrities. The trends of bandage dresses were very famous in the fashion industry. We have seen different Hollywood and Bollywood actresses wore bandage dresses in red carpet, fashion shows or in different events. This trend will never fade away because it’s a versatile outfit and very demanding as well.

Why should you wear a Bandage dress

The bandage dress is the tight-fitting garment that enhances the beauty of your body features. Women who are confident about their body size and their skin usually prefer to wear bandage dresses. This dress should be in the wardrobe for every woman because women should be happy and proud of their body structure and in this era, it’s important to feel confident and work equally as men in every sector. They shouldn’t feel shy to wear that because skin tone and body sizes are beautiful. You have to know how to embrace your body structure and walk boldly in the middle of the street. They should not feel shy about wearing this dress. There is nobody specific somatotype, size, or maybe regulation for the bandage dress. It is an individual style decision that is flattering on most women and even has the added benefit of improving posture. It can be worn in a casual environment or dressed up for a night on the town. They are extremely comfortable and can be worn for long periods. They come in a variety of colors and designs, from simple to wow, so anyone can find a bandage dress to fit their fashion flair. Once you have picked the perfect dress for you, here are ways to rock the look. One should wear a bandage dress to feel confident and slay on that dress. I would recommend to all the women out there to try this bandage dress at least once in their life.


 Bandage dresses will never fade away in the fashion industry. The trend of bandage dresses will change at a time but the concept of this outfit will remain the same. Women should wear this dress more and feel confident about their body shape and skin. Always be strong and confident. No matter what people say about your body or skin tone don’t give a damn about it. After all, it’s your life to lead it in your way.

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