Historical Fashion Trends: Popular Fashion Trends Throughout The History


The Most Popular Historical Fashion Trends

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Fashion is part of our daily life, and it is bold and daring nowadays. It actually represents a noughties generation. As we say goodbye to one decade, we cordially welcome a whole range of pieces.

In this era, the trends of the fashion industry dominate the world more than they ever did before. It does not only control the way people dress but also trends in makeup fashion, homeware design and overall attitudes of people. In the 60s floral power not only mean flares and tunics but also summed up the whole attitude of a generation. And now it’s more prominent and people are preferring variations in their closet. In the previous year 2019, we saw massive changes in the fashion industry and also variations of materials. We also saw how designers change the fashion game by involving old cultural traditional materials and fabrics. Ethnic fashion got the highest priority in the previous year.

Ethnic fashion got the highest priority in the previous year. Ethnic wear is the fashion equivalent of one’s national heritage. We can tell how deeply rich and diverse a country is based on their ethnic wear. So we can tell that ethnic wear plays an important role to represent one’s country’s tradition. The importance of ethical fashion wear is getting prioritized day by day as it’s really necessary to bring our root back so that future generations can also see their countries traditions.

Fashion is bold and daring nowadays and it actually represents a noughties generation. They are not afraid to say what they think or what they wear. Fashion is the essence of your personality and beliefs and it’s just a means of clothing your body. And the designers are well aware of the power they hold. Designers are bringing new outfits for the customers according to their demand. Their predictions and designs for the coming season are more precisely predicted than any other revelation in the sphere.

We are familiar with some very renowned fashion brands like Gucci, Nike, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Versace, etc. They shaped the fashion industry in such a way that these all fashion brands are known to people globally. And they play an important role to set trends because people follow these renowned fashion brands to keep themselves updated about fashion. And these fashion brands are motivating our new generation to work for these fashion brands because these brands are developing economically too. The overall revenue of these fashion brands is high in range.

Historical Fashion Trends-Prom-Dress-Hut

Trends in fashion allow people the ability to portray their individual style and at the same time it unifies women and men around the world. It can be identified immediately at what period of time portrayed that picture just by seeing the style of clothes. Fashion can change anytime but what never changes is the hold it has over society. Nowadays fashion is so important topic that magazines are dedicated to it and people discuss about it with their friends.

But it’s important to keep in mind that fashion doesn’t mean that a person has to dress up according to the recent fashion trends because it might not suit their personality. And every individual has a different taste of choice in terms of selecting clothes for them. So its always the best decision to select the right outfit that suits their personality rather than sticking with recent fashion trends. And the most important part for both men and women is to appreciate their own skin color because every skin tone is beautiful.

Fashion Trends: Need to Change Mind Setup

All we need to do is to pamper our skin by taking proper care of it and we all should embrace our skin color. Nowadays we saw that dark skin models are doing great in the fashion industry. Fashion is for everyone. No matter what is your skin tone or shape or gender we should never neglect ourselves and always have to stay strong and stand out boldly, By doing so we can change the stereotypical thoughts of people.

To keep update or get notified about the latest trends of fashion, people subscribe to fashion magazines and different channels in youtube keep a keen eye on what has appeared in shops and what has been there for a long time and go to fashion shows to see what designers are bringing for the fashion show. Fashion trends are influenced by several factors including celebrities, cinema, politically, economically, socially and technologically.

Fashion trends change daily, it can’t stay unchanged. And we should change the overall scenario of fashion by developing these fashion brands sustainably because of its necessary that people from all classes can afford fashionable outfits for them. Another thing is international fashion brands should recruit more people from minority communities like dark-skinned men and women, oversized men and women. So that they can also feel beautiful from inside and will get the inner strength to represent themselves in front of others.

Fashion Trends in The ’70s: What Did People Wear in 1970s?

 1970s fashion trend was about individuality. In the early 1970s, the International brand vogue proclaimed that “There are no rules in the fashion game now”. New technologies brought advances in production through huge production, generating higher standards, efficiency. Generally, the most popular outline of the mid and late 70s for both genders was that of tight on top and loose on the bottom. The usual fashion outfits of the ’70s were floppy hats, platform shoes, jumpsuits, wrap Dresses bell bottoms and bell sleeves, crop tops, both fitted and flowing button-down shirts, denim shirts, and jackets and fur based clothes.

During the era of 1711 to 1720, the most famous trends were corduroy, hot pants, high-waist pants and skirts, patchwork clothing, ruffled shirts, flutter sleeves, neck scarves, headbands, turbans, etc. All these outfits were very famous at that time. And people from different classes tried to use all these clothes in their daily lives. In the year of 1721 to 1730, the most famous fashion trends were business suits, leather especially for pants and jackets, ascot blouses, ‘’Americana’’ clothing, off the shoulder blouses, turquoise accessories, knit sweaters, sequins, etc. Nowadays in the modern age, we can see that all the old fashion trends are coming back and they are very demanding too according to the different famous fashion brands.

70’s fashion trends from 1731 to 1740 were Nehru jackets, mood rings, palazzo pants. Pearls, sweater dresses, vests, babydoll dresses, suede, Farrah Fawcett hair. From 1741 to 1750 the fashion trends were long-sleeved mini dresses, vests, coats, boots, graphic t-shirts, tie-dye, colored sunglasses, lots of lace, feather boas, etc. Men’s leisure suits, neckties, bags, belts, pastels especially in suits, bold prints, bright colors, big patterns, crocheted items, ponchos these all were the fashion trends of 1751 to 1760. Fashion trends of 1761 to 1770 were maxi dresses, newsboy caps, knit caps with pom-poms, oversized sunglasses, strappy sandals, afros, big hoop earrings, Polo or Lacoste shirts and also looks inspired by musicians like rock, punk, new wave, glam rock, etc.

Hippie’s look was one of the most famous looks in the ’70s. People used to wear tie-dye shirts, tight tops, and flowing bottoms, maxi dresses, knit skirts for giving hippie looks. Long hair inspired by musicians with colored lens sunglasses were the common things at that time. Accessories also got the top priority for the fashion of the 70s like handcrafted accessories, bandana, turban, and floppy hats were very famous for creating hippie look. For glamour and disco look sequins got the top priority at that time. Sequins jackets, blouses, gowns were very famous at that time to create that unique look. All these looks are really inspiring as people are going back to the past for selecting outfits in their daily lives because the 70s fashion trends were really classy.

The 1970s are one of the most revisited decades when it comes to fashion, and they continue to influence modern style. From hippy and glam rock to disco and bohemian, the decade to express the essential features of numerous iconic styles that are still wearable today. All you need to know is how to recreate those time-tested trends to fit properly into your wardrobe.

Fashion Trends in 80s:How did the dress in 80s?

Fashion in 1980s -Prom-Dress-Hut

1980s fashion placed the main focus on expensive clothes and fashion accessories. Apparel tended to be very vivid and bright in terms of appearance. Women showed an image of wealth and success through shiny costumes and jewelry, such as large faux-gold earrings, pearl necklaces, and clothing covered with sequins and diamonds. Shimmery outfits were the way to express the richness. At that time hair was typically big, curlybouffant and heavily styled. In ’80s women wore bright, heavy makeup. For the everyday look in the 1980s consisted of light-colored lips, dark and thick eyelashes, and pink or red rouge which is known as bluish. The 1980s were a decade of bold style, colors, and outline—permed hair included where ripper jeans, oversized blazers, leather outfits dominated the fashion industry. Acid wash jeans were very famous at that time as they were the perfect combination with bright color tops.

 Most of the jeans were highly bleached and faded and overall that gave a unique look at that time. They were different in patterns like high waisted and oversized. Hawaiian-inspired patterns pants perfectly demonstrated the loud style of the ’80s for both men and women. Vans and croakies were also very famous during that time. Bigger was better when it comes to the fashion trends of the ’80s. There were no better ways to look professional and stylish at the same time in the 1980s than with a blazer with massive shoulder pads. Accessories got bigger and bolder in the 1980s. 

Gold chains became very popular during this era. With the demand of the aerobics hype, leggings became a fashion staple in the 1980s. Anything with neon color was the topmost priority for people at that time. Neon is to be considered as a part of high fashion. Like neon color sneakers, leggings, jackets were most famous at that time for street styles. Could you even consider yourself trendy and stylish if you weren’t draped yourself in animal prints in the ’80s? Cheetah, giraffe, and even zebra-print garments were the top-notch fabrics in that era.

 Even now we can see from fashion industries that how demanding these prints are nowadays. Laces were everywhere in the 1980s—mostly thanks to Madonna’s influence on stage, in her music videos. Kangol hats, swatch watches were the common accessories for teens at that time. Tracksuits with side stripes used to be considered fashionable outfits in the 1980s. Puffy shirts were the look of the 1980s royalty. They used to be a little loud and flashy but that what used to be the trend of the 80s. For girls miniskirts were their top priority along with white pumps for both casual and party looks. 80s fashion was all about bold colors and patterns and unique from other mainstream fashion.

Fashion trends in the ’90s were all about being bold and classy. It was the best time when things got changed and we saw some huge changes in the fashion industry. It’s time to cherish those wonderful fashion styles that brings huge changes in our fashion industry now. I still remember when I was a kid I used to wear overall at that time which was made of denim. Only 90’s kids can tell how amazing that feeling was to have overall. This outfit used to consider as the stylish outfits for teens. Denim overall was my favorite at that time.

Trends of fashion in 90s-Prom-Dress-Hut

Overall can never be out of fashion because of its unique pattern which can easily grab people’s attraction in the middle of the crowd. I am really lucky that I had that chance to wear overall during my childhood. It can be pair up with any kind of t-shirts. I especially recommend pairing overall with either with a black or white t-shirt. It’s the perfect combination to look stylish and bold. Denim skirts were also famous at that time. Both short and long denim skirts with different patterns were popular at that time. Another main attraction was bomber jackets. Bombers are the bomb in the ’90s. They can be simple and they come in about every color. Even I love bomber jackets the most. It’s absolutely stylish if you pair up with denim or black pant. Bombers can be made from satin and velvet.

Nowadays it’s kind of mandatory for teenagers to have bomber jackets during the winter season. Short shirts were very famous at that time. They are known as a cropped top now. Girls love to wear crop top pairing with denim pants or high waisted pants. Two-toned faded denim was another attraction of ’90s. Sometimes wearing one tone denim pant is too boring. And in order to look stylish its important to experiment with outfits while keeping in mind about his/her personality. Sneakers were the game-changer for the short people at that time because they instantly increase the height of the person because of its high heels. High waisted jeans were always in fashion and it can be pair up with t-shirts or any kind of tops. Neon was normal in the ’90s and then just like that it disappeared.

 But it’s finally back in fashion trend again. Corduroy was first very famous in the ’70s than the ’90s. Corduroy is the best outfit to wear in fall. I personally love corduroy the most. Even I purchased some corduroys for this fall. Choker was one of the most famous accessories during the ’90s. They are absolutely bold and stylish and something different from the mainstream accessories. Tiny sunglasses were also popular at that time. There were different colorful shapes and frames of tiny sunglasses that were absolutely bold and stylish. Adidas slides and combat boots were very famous footwear in the ’90s. It’s comfortable for daily use and can be pair up with any kind of outfits. I really love jean jackets with patches. It is endlessly customizable and can really represent all the facets of yourself. 

Tracksuits were really famous during the ’80s but in the 90’s we also saw the hype for tracksuits for people of different ages. In the 90s baggy clothes were also famous. We also saw the popularity of graphic tees, velvet clothes, and flannel during the ’90s. Actually, the technological advancements inspired clothing style brought more awareness to the fashion in the ’90s. Finally, we can say that the 1990s were an exciting time for fashion.

Fashion Trends in the 2000s: What Was Popular Fashion in 2000?

The 2000s were the time when we first started thinking about how our appearances could be an extension of our identities. One of the topmost fashion trends during the 2000s was wearing frosted lip gloss. No look felt complete without applying several layers of pink lip gloss with a glossy finish. Another famous trend was wearing trucker hats especially Von Dutch Hats. Lace-up jeans and jeans with no back pockets were also top-notch fashion trends of the 2000s.

Another fashion innovation during the 2000s was popcorn shirts. In the 2000s those popcorn shirts were where innovation met elegance. Airbrushed shirts were famous at that time too. Teenagers used to make their custom airbrushed shirts in a fancy way to look cool. And we also saw pants with messages on the butt at that time. Alphabets were printed in the pants in glittery capital letters. Butterfly clips from accessories were very famous in early 2000. Denim owes a lot to the 2000s. The demand for denim was so high at that time that, people wanted denim skirts, denim vests, jumpers, etc.

Fasion in 2000s - Color Block Jacket
They wanted different colors and washes of denim. In the early 2000s, many mid and late 1990s fashions remained fashionable around the world, while at the same time introducing new trends of fashion. The later years of the decade people saw a huge scale revival of clothing designs starting from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Casual clothing and leisurewear both were the other big trends of the early 2000s. Many rappers influenced fashion with their own fashion clothing lines in the 2000s, like Jay-Z, Diddy, Nelly, and 50 Cent. Many looks included baggy jeans, tall t-shirts, sports jerseys, velour suits, bubble jackets, and puffer vests paired with headbands, sweatbands, Timberland boots, and sneakers like Adidas Superstars or Nike Air Force 1s. treetwear is often brand-oriented casual clothing, like jeans, tees, and sneakers and some other accessories.  

In the 2000s majority of the fashion, outfits were inspired by my old fashion look except for the unique ones. Fashion industries are flourishing more day by day because of the technological advancements and also for modern thoughts of people. Fashion designers are bringing new ideas to develop the overall fashion industry. The evolution of this successful journey wasn’t easy as there were ups and downs in the early decades. We are blessed that in this era we are getting all the modern outfits.

Fashion trends in 2010 to ’20s: What's the Popular Fasion in Recet Decade?

The 2010s were not much different from decades before when it comes to fashion and beauty. 2010s fashion was underscored by a range of cultures that met the world stage. The fashion industry itself experienced profound cultural movements over the last years that changed in terms of bigger issues including inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability across the world. The later years of the 2010s witnessed the massive importance in the western world of social media influencers paid to promote fast fashion brands on Pinterest and Instagram. From the early stage of 2010, a new term got recognized in the fashion industry which is none other than sustainable fashion where people got to know about the importance of the existing materials and the process of recycling and reusing them. Ethic fashion became more popular as different countries represented their cultural heritage through outfits. All these things could happen because of technological advancement.

In early 2010s tribal fashions, eastern fashion and carryover styles were seen during that time period.  By the mid of the 2010s, neon colors were faded out in Europe, America, and Australia. More rare colors became popular such as burgundy, mustard yellow, olive green, mauve, and blush pink. Bright colors were also replaced by black, white and various shades of grey. The feathers-in-your-hair trend had a little moment in 2010-2011. It was such a short-lived trend from 2010 to 2011. Pattern leggings with different prints were really famous at that time. Side bangs were famous first but later started fading out. In 2015 to 2016 chokers came back strong again. It was the topmost priority for the girls to have fancy chokers. In 2013 to 2014 cropped top boldly came back and became the hot trend for teens. Undercut hairstyle got famous which was inspired by several Hollywood stars and musicians. 

In this decade oversized cardigans were also the bold fashion statement. And also ripped jeans got very famous as it gave hipster and funky looks. Ombre, balayage and grey hair color were very famous during that time. Forgiving sporty look joggers were very famous because it’s comfortable and stylish at the same time. Tracksuits were never out of fashion as it gives a unique look. Turtleneck shirts and sweaters were really famous at that time as it can be paired with any jackets or suits. Turtleneck was famous for both women and men. I personally love turtleneck as its classy and can be paired up with many outfits. The long-awaited movement for inclusivity and diversity had a profound effect on the industry in the 2010s. 

Designers and brands across the board made commitments to making their businesses, runways and designs both represented by and available to people of all races, gender identities, sizes, and ages. Diversity on the runways and in media has a long way to go, but we’re definitely leaving the decade better than we started 


Fashion keeps inviting and exploring new lands and base when every time a new design develops. But the concepts and process involved remain the same and design derivation is always fresh, crisp and edgy. Fashion will never fade its face in any era. Fashion in you showcases the outlook who you are as a person.

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